Empowering all businesses to succeed by leveraging their strengths through our well-rounded experience to help their bottom line.

Michael Casciano launched the Casciano Consulting Group in 2008 with a simple idea; to provide a simple and budget-friendly way for any business to become more successful and increase their bottom line. 
How did he do it? Read on.

Casciano Consulting Group began out of the need to create a one-stop shop for businesses looking for the opportunity to grow in their market without having to worry about back-end office pain points. We want to provide a resource that you can rely on as your bottom line solution.

CCG's team of specialists provides an unparalleled amount of experience in every aspect of running a business. But more than that, we work with your company to set goals and reach them, reported on by our unique business "report card." 

When it comes to business, we are problem solvers. We rely on data and reports to provide sound advice. And, our services are budget conscientious, to keep your finances in check and your business booming.

Owner & President, Michael Casciano, has worked for the "big guys."
As an executive for those companies, he learned valuable business skills that allowed multiple organizations to grow revenue and talent across their footprint.

However, he noticed that the small businesses with whom he interacted with had the same needs as those large organizations. So, he set out to build a team of professionals with the talent and capabilities to give small businesses and all CCG clients the financial, marketing and operational support without the big budget.


CCG is the perfect fit for any company looking to grow their sales. But, we are much more. We help with succession planning, business goals, HR regulations, law consultations, and web design (to name a few services).


Our source of pride is giving our clients the power and skill they need in the back-end of their company so they can put their passion where it matters most.